Guest Books You WILL Look Back At

Maybe it’s just me… But who really ever looks back at those ol Guest Book signatures? It’s time we get creative and do something so we can really look back and have something to enjoy while remembering those who shared our special day with us.

1. Stones In A Vase (Decorate As You’d Like)
This one is a favorite because it’s a space saver, and looks very decorative in the home. For weddings with a larger guest list, that many stones could take up a ridiculous amount of space; so instead, get pebbles so they can write there name on them.


2. Post Cards In A Vintage Chest ( Or whatever kind of container you decoration allows)

Who doesn’t love getting a post card in the mail? With this guest book alternative, you and your hubby can enjoy reading post cards from all your guests! It gives them room to write a special message, and saving the post cards does not take up a lot of space! Later on, maybe you’ll get tired of the chest or box you chose? Put your post cards into a photo album!
post coards

3. Last Name Letter Decor
Another cute way to decorate with your guest book. I must be in the mood to decorate…. (Must resist  going to Marshalls!) … Anyways. This one can even work if you are having a baby shower! Use the baby’s initial(s).

4. Scrap Book of Envelopes With Letters
There’s something fun about small envelopes and letters. Later on when you go back to read these, it will be like getting a personal letter from a friend all over again!

envelopesmall envelope


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