Card Table Goodies

Today I share with you some cute things you can have where your guests pick up their table card! You’ll really reap from the honeymoon one ;D

1. Glow Sticks. Who loves a bright, glowing necklace more than our inner child?!  And what says “I’m gunna rock this party” more than a glow stick?

glow sticks

2. She & He Poems.  Don’t get bashful, they don’t have to rhyme! This is a cute way to decorate the card table, and a chance for you both to express yourself to eachother. Be mushy gooshy, or goofy and dorky! Either way, you’ll want to hang this up in your new home. (Click the photo to make it bigger so you can see what I’m talking about)

he she

3. Honeymoon Fund. This I love because, lets face it, a couple extra bucks to go on vacation goes a long way! Not to mention your Italian/Greek uncle really likes to look like a big tipper ;Dhoney moon

4. I Spy ~ Picture Hunt. This I wish I saw when I got married! You can put this at your ceremony site (No one really cares about the programs you’d be spending money and time on), or on your cards table. You guests will love the challenge, and you’ll love the photos! list

5. Wedding Mad Libs. Put this on the card table or on the tables with some pens for your guests to have fun with! As the night goes on… and the drinks start pouring.. you’ll get some good laughs to look back at. Leave a box on your gift table made especially for those so they do not get thrown out at the end of the night and so your guests don’t take them.mad libs

6. Popcorn YUMS! No matter if its the movies, a carnival, Sixflags, or your wedding, popcorn always gives that extra kick of ‘This wedding rocks!’ By the way.. I almost bought a popcorn popper today because it was decorated with red and white carnival stripes!… it was sold out.. but I’ll be back…pop corn


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