Bridal Party Gifts That Won’t Collect Dust

As your wedding day approaches, don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on the many wonderful moments you’ve had that lead you to this point. And think about the wonderful bridal party that helped get you there. Today I share with you some popular Bridal Party gifts that won’t be tossed to the back of their drawer! … Although many of these ideas are geared towards the bridesmaids, some can also be spun into a groomsmen gift as well!

1) Robes of Honor – In the morning, your photographer will be busy snapping away and capturing you and your girls getting ready. DO NOT OVER LOOK THIS THOUGH: Instead of you and the girls in their sweats and boyfriend t-shirts, have them all match with either same colored sweats, shirts, or even robes! They don’t even have to say anything.


2) Puzzle  Necklaces – Necklaces fit for a bride and her special friends!puzzle

3) Flasks- Keep things a little interesting with these adorable fun worded flasks! Each different for either a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or the maid of honor. (Click Photo To Order) flasks

4) Morning Mug – Fill it with whatever you want ;] But don’t get crazy! ..well get a little crazy.. but after, fill it with coffee so you can keep partyin all day! (Great for wedding or bacheloret party) Click Photo to Order.


5) “Tote for Bridesmaids!” (Get it, ‘tote’ instead of ‘vote’?.. yea.. anyways!) – KEEP IT TOGETHER! Literally, keep all your jewelry, make up, dancing shoes and anything else you will need to put in the limo or car that goes to the reception hall. One for Bride, Maids, and Mom! (Click Picture To Order) bags


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