About B&BM


The flowers, invitations, THEE perfect dress, reception hall, your guest list (how can you narrow that thing?!), favors, and even that little cake topper, can really become a bit overwhelming! AND let’s not forget PINTEREST- Why couldn’t we just leave weddings the simple-ol-way things used to be? Because THAT is no fun ;] Allow me to repost tips, tricks, ideas, and templates to make your planning experience, just that much easier.

{[.A Little About Michelle.]}

Weddings- I’ve been around them my whole life! As a 4th generation photographer, not only have I fallen in love with the beauty of the wedding day being frozen into a photo, but I’ve also been in awe of how months of planning can be pulled together for one day and how different they all are!
After having all the fun planning my own beautiful wedding, I wanted to have another because of all the different creative things you can do. So here we are with this blog – my husband won’t let me throw another wedding, but I have a thing for good ideas, organizing, being creative and fun at the same time, and I wanted to use that to be able to help others in any way I could. SOOOO here we go!

WARNING: I type with lots of smiles.. lots of different ones, “Haha”s, “LOL”s, exclamation points, side notes in parenthesizes, and sometimes spelling errors.. i’ll try to keep those to a minimum  =]


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